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How to Shop for Home and Kitchen Appliances with COVID-19 Limitations

How to Shop for Home and Kitchen Appliances with COVID-19 Limitations

Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, everyone focuses on the measures that can protect them from the pandemic disease. Social distancing has become the primary motive of all the societies to prevent the virus from spreading at a vast rate. However, people's normal life activities have not stopped or slowed down, such as housework. Small and big appliances enhance the essence of life at the house, especially when it comes to cleaning and healthy consumption, which increases attention since the end of the lockdown. Since multiple companies had to close down local stores, the continuity of various companies remains online. If an individual requires a new appliance like the refrigerator for the kitchen and is in a dilemma whether or not to go to the market to purchase the same, then buying a refrigerator online is the best option.

Presently, during the COVID-19 situation, the demand for online purchases has increased remarkably. People prefer to buy freezer online.

Although customers should have both the necessity and time necessary to buy home and kitchen appliances online like buying a refrigerator online or buy freezer online, the important to staying inside for the foreseeable doom will typically restrict the search for specific product sections.

Moreover, let us understand and cover some of the best ways of how one can Shop for Home and Kitchen Appliances with COVID-19 limitations.

1. Buy Online

As coronavirus outbreak is not ready to stop and the cases are increasing daily, it has become necessary for all to maintain in-person communications and follow social distancing. As a fact, the same online buying of appliances from the local markets has become people's first choice. Buy refrigerator online and avoid direct contact with the local supplier of the appliances. Purchasing nearby is perpetually suggested and even more if it happens to buy appliances. People who go for online purchasing or think to shop appliance like buy freezer online cut down their shipping costs. With the option to buy a refrigerator online, the buyer also saves commute time and majorly the spread coronavirus. Buying appliances online also supports a secure replacement system.


2. Do the Research Before Going to the Market?

If at all one prefers to go to the market to buy a refrigerator from the store, they must consider searching for the coronavirus terms and policies of the store to make sure that it’s safe to buy from a store. However, people who aim to buy a refrigerator online play smartly.

While visiting a store, the person has to look and ensure the kitchen equipment is disinfected and the methods that a shop is taking care of while maintaining decent social distancing. It's also essential to research considered material before visiting the shop. However, in this COVID-19 time, it is always recommended to buy a refrigerator or other kitchen appliances online and reduce the time spent in the store.

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3. Schedule a Meeting at the Shop

If the person is looking for buying any appliances from the local market whether of the kitchen or any other home appliances, he/she needs to review the local appliance shop coronavirus terms and policy and see whether or not the shop owner is narrowing the number of buyers permitted inside at a point of time, program an appointment with the storehouse. Keeping in mind that the day's first appointment would work the best in this pandemic time as multiple shops sanitize their store products late night or scheduling instantly after the kit is sterilized while times of operation.

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As it is said, " Precaution is better than Cure." Our brand knows the value of every life. Hence during this outbreak of pandemic disease, our brand is working by practising all health measures and guidelines during the period. While working, we consider all the protective measures as recommended by the World Health Organization which are as follows

  • Proper hygiene
  • Safe distancing measures and cleanliness
  • Conduct temperature screening of every employee while entering the office premise
  • Employees are wearing masks on at all times
  • Washing hand at a regular interval
  • Establishment to assign designated for contactless pick-ups by delivery man area
  • Use contactless payments and a delivery mode where ever possible many more.

We at Lion City Company make sure that every delivery and our premises follow safety guidelines. We ensure the utmost safety while working and delivering appliances to the customers. The clients don't need to worry when it comes to buying a refrigerator online from Lion City Company. For more details information and if you have any query or question regarding our service, please feel free to reach out to our agents for support.

Essential Guide to Buying New Kitchen Appliances in Singapore

Essential Guide to Buying New Kitchen Appliances in Singapore

You probably (hopefully!) don't buy new kitchen appliances all that often, so when it's actually time to take the plunge — on an appliance of any size — it can be overwhelming. Buying a new range, refrigerators, or laundry pair isn’t an everyday thing. In fact, I think buying a new appliance is a bit of a big deal. These purchases can be expensive and you never want to make a costly mistake, ordering something you hate using.

Know Your Budget

First things first, you need to know how much you can invest in your new appliance(s). I say invest because while there is a wide range of price points in today’s marketplace, an appliance is still a bigger-ticket item than a new pair of shoes is for your family’s budget. Know what budget you are working within and go from there.

Buy Only What You Need

Make a list of mandatory features or needs for your new appliance(s). I find it helpful to put features into either a must-have or like-to have column. This helps prioritize and also keeps budget considerations in check. Include in this any design features you’d like.

Know Your Space

The picture-perfect refrigerator with all your wants and needs, including budget, is great except when it doesn’t fit into the space you have in your kitchen. A very critical step is measuring especially when it comes to picking a refrigerator. I’ll repeat, measure the hole where you want your new refrigerator, measure, measure. Oh, and measure again.

The biggest problem is that new refrigerators have massive doors, really deep cabinets, and non-standard heights. If you are planning a big renovation this step is less critical, but it is always best to start with your new appliances and then build the room around them rather than the other way around.

Shop the Sales

If you find something you like but you're not thrilled with the price, ask a sales associate when your pick is scheduled to go on sale. Waiting a week or two could be all it takes to reduce your purchase price by as much as 25 percent. Or wait to buy until a holiday weekend, like Thanksgiving or New Year Sale, when appliances are often discounted for a short time.

Look for a Package Deal

If you need to buy several appliances at once, like a hood, hob and oven or all new appliances for your home, an appliance package could be your biggest source of savings. Retailers frequently bundle appliances to boost sales, and these packages can offer significant savings over the price of purchasing each item individually.

Buy Best Package Deals of Kitchen Appliances

You’ll be better off if you can plan a new appliance purchase in advance. But even if you run your old appliances into the ground, you still have opportunities to get a good deal. In fact, it’s safe to say that given the number of options available, you should never pay full price for a new appliance purchase. Remember also that in order to save the most money on your large appliances, it pays to maintain them properly.

When was the last time that you bought a new appliance? where to buy kitchen appliances online in Singapore?

5 Modern Appliances That Will Transform Your Kitchen

5 Modern Appliances That Will Transform Your Kitchen

The future involves innovations ranging from do-it-all ovens to robotic chefs. The speed at which technology is developing is neck breaking. One moment you
are thinking you have some of the latest cutting-edge technology devices around only to find out later that you are a bit behind. Everything now is smart,
and the modern kitchen appliances have not been left behind.

With the evolving of modern science, you will see a drastic change in the features of these modern kitchen accessories and appliances. They will be more
digital and “in synced” with modern tech than they were before.

When renovating your kitchen, it helps to think about your “must-have” appliances before you start knocking down any walls or measuring out counter space.
Consider what you really want in cooking appliances.

Are you dead set on having the latest convection-steam wall oven and/or one of those professional style dual fuel gas ranges?

Would your family appreciate a luxury beverage fridge such as Marvel appliances’ professional 24” beverage centre with 3-in-1 convertible shelves?

Knowing which appliances are the most important to your family will help narrow down your search and help you determine your kitchen layout and dimension
details. Either way, your local appliance experts will be able to help fit your space as it best suits your lifestyle.

1. An Oven with Smart Features

Ovens are beginning to think for themselves. Now a days many brands manufactures Wi-Fi-enabled ovens will link with advance technology to vary the
temperature and cooking mode based on any given recipe. Just select the dish you're preparing, how you want it cooked and what type of pan you're using, and
the device will know to turn on the convection or blast the broiler, taking the hovering out of roasting the perfect chicken.

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Some models also have a convection feature that lets you bake in them. Before you decide on the perfect one for your kitchen consider the space where it will
stand and the power wattage as this will affect the energy consumption in your kitchen.

2. Refrigerator With Smart Think

Talking about smart devices, this refrigerator has almost everything that you need minus kitchen sink and kitchen faucet. No? Well, it comes with a large
touchscreen that allows you to leave notes to your roommates, views their schedules, watch TV, play music, and even order groceries.


That is not all, the refrigerator has miniature cameras on the inside that take pictures and send them to your email. That means you know what has run out
when doing your shopping. The price is on the higher side but isn’t that everything? You be the judge.


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3. Food Processor

The modem electric food processor has been both a blessing and a curse for those who love to cook. I find that it severs the physical connection to
ingredients. However, that said. I do possess a small food processor that I use for creaming tofu and making custards, mousses, and other smooth, savory dips
and spreads.

Versatile and efficient, a good food processor will likely become indispensable in the kitchen. I've used mine to shared cheese, make biscuit dough, puree
baby food, grind spices, and chop up salsa ingredients. But before you head to the store, consider these factors to ensure you select the best food processor
for your needs.

Most food processors only have one motor speed, and most have a small tube opening at the top that enables you to easily add other ingredients. They usually
come with a "pusher" that fits into this tube and helps to feed larger items, keeps fingers safe, and acts as a lid. Make sure the machine you choose has a
"pulse" button to give small bursts of power (good for rough chopping or quick dough kneading). You'll appreciate a smooth touchpad for the controls, which
is easier to clean than raised buttons, as well as dishwasher-safe parts (although I still like to hand-wash my blades to keep them from dulling).

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It seems that everyone in Europe is using induction cooktops, " says designer Young Huh. They're sleek and efficient, and they have no emissions." Many
brands will introduce its induction cooktop, which has cooking zones that adjust to the size of your pan, as well as sensors that automatically thwart a

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5. Coffee Machines

Is there anything more satisfying than waking up to a cup of fresh brewed coffee? The eye-opening aroma, followed by that first delicious sip? Though there
are numerous ways to make coffee (have you tried coffee with an egg in it?), the options for making a good cup of coffee at home has advanced both
technologically and also in the design department.

Built directly into any countertop surface for a seamless finish, the TopBrewer is a beautifully designed stainless steel tap serving a coffee beverage on
demand. And it takes coffee brewing another two steps forward with iOS and Android smartphone or tablet compatibility. The TopBrewer offers users the ability
to peruse and choose beverage options visually from a mobile device, then further customize each drink to their liking (e.g. more milk, less milk, etc).

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