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Searching for Best Samsung TV 2020: TV Buying Guide for You

Searching for Best Samsung TV 2020: TV Buying Guide for You

Samsung is one of the best names in the TV industry, and chances are you’ve already seen one of their TVs at a family or friend’s home. The Korean giant are best known for their QLED TVs and for rapidly introducing new technologies and features across their entire range of models, making them an attractive pick at any price point. Other than picture and colour quality, Samsung TVs also have a reputation for being bright enough for most rooms. We’ve shortlisted three models below.

Are you looking for a new TV, but find the new technologies and features have you feeling out of the loop? We’ve got all the answers to your questions in one place in our TV Buying Guide.

Choosing your TV

We’ve answered the most common questions customers have, to help you make an informed decision.

1. What size TV should I get?

2. What is 4K TV?

3. What a QLED TV is and how it works?

4. What is 8K TV?

5. What is Smart TV?

6. What is HDR TV?

Choose From below mentioned best TV in 2020

1. Buy Samsung QA55Q7FAMKXXS 55" Q7F 4K Smart QLED TV: Simply incomparable. Ground-breaking Quantum Dot technology delivers perfect 100% colour volume1 with the use of an innovative alloy material. An out-of-this-world viewing experience that never fades. The perfect meeting of style and technology.

Explore Others QLED TV on Sale

2. Buy SAMSUNG UA32N4300AKXXS 32" HD Smart TV N4300 Series 4: Buy Samsung 32" LED UA32N4300 Smart HD Ready LED TV with best prices and free shipping.

Explore Others Smart TV on Sale

3. SAMSUNG UA43TU8000KXXS 43" ULTRA HD 4K SMART LED TV: Buy SAMSUNG UA43TU8000KXXS 43" ULTRA HD 4K SMART LED TV with best prices and free shipping.

Explore Others Smart TV on Sale

4. Samsung QA55Q7FAMKXXS 55 inch. Q7F 4K Smart QLED TV: Buy Samsung QA55Q7FAMKXXS 55 inch. Q7F 4K Smart QLED TV with best prices and free shipping.

Explore Others Smart TV on Sale

5. SAMSUNG QA55Q80RAK 55" 4K SMART QLED TV: Buy SAMSUNG QA55Q80RAK 55" 4K SMART QLED TV with best prices and free shipping.

Explore Others 4K TV on Sale

If you are searching for any specific Samsung TV models, please send email on for best price and offers at Lion City Company. Apply Additional Discount Code: $5OFF at Lion City Company online store.

How to Shop for Home and Kitchen Appliances with COVID-19 Limitations

How to Shop for Home and Kitchen Appliances with COVID-19 Limitations

Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, everyone focuses on the measures that can protect them from the pandemic disease. Social distancing has become the primary motive of all the societies to prevent the virus from spreading at a vast rate. However, people's normal life activities have not stopped or slowed down, such as housework. Small and big appliances enhance the essence of life at the house, especially when it comes to cleaning and healthy consumption, which increases attention since the end of the lockdown. Since multiple companies had to close down local stores, the continuity of various companies remains online. If an individual requires a new appliance like the refrigerator for the kitchen and is in a dilemma whether or not to go to the market to purchase the same, then buying a refrigerator online is the best option.

Presently, during the COVID-19 situation, the demand for online purchases has increased remarkably. People prefer to buy freezer online.

Although customers should have both the necessity and time necessary to buy home and kitchen appliances online like buying a refrigerator online or buy freezer online, the important to staying inside for the foreseeable doom will typically restrict the search for specific product sections.

Moreover, let us understand and cover some of the best ways of how one can Shop for Home and Kitchen Appliances with COVID-19 limitations.

1. Buy Online

As coronavirus outbreak is not ready to stop and the cases are increasing daily, it has become necessary for all to maintain in-person communications and follow social distancing. As a fact, the same online buying of appliances from the local markets has become people's first choice. Buy refrigerator online and avoid direct contact with the local supplier of the appliances. Purchasing nearby is perpetually suggested and even more if it happens to buy appliances. People who go for online purchasing or think to shop appliance like buy freezer online cut down their shipping costs. With the option to buy a refrigerator online, the buyer also saves commute time and majorly the spread coronavirus. Buying appliances online also supports a secure replacement system.


2. Do the Research Before Going to the Market?

If at all one prefers to go to the market to buy a refrigerator from the store, they must consider searching for the coronavirus terms and policies of the store to make sure that it’s safe to buy from a store. However, people who aim to buy a refrigerator online play smartly.

While visiting a store, the person has to look and ensure the kitchen equipment is disinfected and the methods that a shop is taking care of while maintaining decent social distancing. It's also essential to research considered material before visiting the shop. However, in this COVID-19 time, it is always recommended to buy a refrigerator or other kitchen appliances online and reduce the time spent in the store.

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3. Schedule a Meeting at the Shop

If the person is looking for buying any appliances from the local market whether of the kitchen or any other home appliances, he/she needs to review the local appliance shop coronavirus terms and policy and see whether or not the shop owner is narrowing the number of buyers permitted inside at a point of time, program an appointment with the storehouse. Keeping in mind that the day's first appointment would work the best in this pandemic time as multiple shops sanitize their store products late night or scheduling instantly after the kit is sterilized while times of operation.

Buy Smart Aircon with UPTO 30% OFF 

As it is said, " Precaution is better than Cure." Our brand knows the value of every life. Hence during this outbreak of pandemic disease, our brand is working by practising all health measures and guidelines during the period. While working, we consider all the protective measures as recommended by the World Health Organization which are as follows

  • Proper hygiene
  • Safe distancing measures and cleanliness
  • Conduct temperature screening of every employee while entering the office premise
  • Employees are wearing masks on at all times
  • Washing hand at a regular interval
  • Establishment to assign designated for contactless pick-ups by delivery man area
  • Use contactless payments and a delivery mode where ever possible many more.

We at Lion City Company make sure that every delivery and our premises follow safety guidelines. We ensure the utmost safety while working and delivering appliances to the customers. The clients don't need to worry when it comes to buying a refrigerator online from Lion City Company. For more details information and if you have any query or question regarding our service, please feel free to reach out to our agents for support.

Online Refrigerator/Fridge Buying Guide 2020 Singapore

Online Refrigerator/Fridge Buying Guide 2020 Singapore

Does the thought of shopping for a refrigerator on-line provide you with cold feet? Unsure what to look for before hit that purchase button? Chill, you’re in safe hands. This refrigerator shopping for guide can assist you creates a sound choice!

Smart Refrigerators have long been thought of because the cubic behemoths of the room, and shopping for one used to be as straightforward as selecting between eggshells or off-whites.

However, times have modified. Manufacturers are progressively thinking ‘outside-the-icebox’ to redefine the functions that a contemporary refrigerator will perform. Today, finding the proper model for your desires and budget isn't any simple task. Our best refrigerator 2020 shopping for guide can assist you to concentrate on the key stuff you ought to check before shopping for a refrigerator on-line.

A good factor to understand before putting your cash into the best refrigerator brands 2020 is to possess an understanding of wherever it goes within the house. You need to additionally think about how and who within the house can place the electric refrigerator to the check.

When selecting an electric refrigerator, you must think about what vogue you like. the foremost in style type of the electric refrigerator is one with a French door and a bottom fridge. different common choices embrace the classic fridge on high, or the side-by-side fridge and electric refrigerator.

Most new refrigerators are rather more economical than older models. people read the refrigerator in Singapore review first before planning to get an electric refrigerator. Still, it’s a decent idea to look for the EPA Energy Star rating. The ENERGY STAR Product Finder permits you to check totally different options among refrigerator models to optimize your purchase.

Here is the list of high 8 refrigerator brand models:

1). Hitachi Fridge R-VG695P3MS
2). LG GB-B4451GV Fridge
3). Sharp SJ-RX30E-SL Refrigerator
4). Hitachi R-W690P7MSX French Door Fridge
5). LG GS-Q6278NS Fridge
6). Mitsubishi Fridge MR-V45EG
7). Samsung Fridge RT35K553ASL
8). PowerPac 2 Door Mini Fridge PPF85

Once the doubt of buying the top-rated refrigerator, the second thought that clicks people's minds is What is the best month to buy a refrigerator?

So, Best Times to shop for a brand-new Appliance as follows:

For all major appliances (other than air-con units), take into account timing your purchase to the suggestions below.

1. September and October
The best time to shop for most major appliances is throughout the months of September and October. throughout these 2 months, makers unveil their latest models. This implies that the previous year’s models should be discounted so as to create space for the new models which will hit stores within the winter.

2. May
The exception to the purpose ideal is refrigerators. Not like the other major appliances, most makers roll out their new models of refrigerators within the summer. This suggests that last year’s models get discounted throughout the spring.

3. January
Some stores droop on to older inventory whereas they create the transition from last year’s models to successive. However, once the New Year hits, all of last year’s remaining models should be discounted even any. Although higher deals could also be on the market now, the choice is restricted.

An electric refrigerator could be a massive purchase, which needs a great deal of choices. the information that one sees to answer the question of what's a good refrigerator to buy as follows:

1). Capacity
2). Eating habits
3). Choosing a 5-star refrigerator is useful in the long-term.
4). The frost-free refrigerator could be a more sensible choice
5). Built-in Stabilizer
6). Defrost Mode
7). Inverter technology

Moreover, after researching a lot about the different companies, verities of refrigerators, people find it hard to decide What is the best refrigerator to buy in 2020 or in any year. Looking at the data of the previous year the most reliable brands include Samsung, Paykel, LG, and Panasonic Fisher.

However, A smart refrigerator is a critical appliance in today’s world. We tend to cannot think about living each day while not a refrigerator, it helps in cooling the water to drink scorching summer. It's used to store fruits and vegetables as a result of it keeps its freshness intact.

Which Brand Smart Home and Kitchen Appliances You Should Buy in Holiday Sale

Which Brand Smart Home and Kitchen Appliances You Should Buy in Holiday Sale

While you might have a fully automated home packed with smart home devices that all play nicely together, smart home tech is still relatively young.

Combine this infancy with the warp speed at which technology continues to develop, and it’s an exciting time for you, the consumer.

So, as we edge ever closer toward that fabled 2020, how is smart home tech likely to develop in the imminent future?

The best smart kitchen devices and home appliances you should explore in new holiday sale.

While connected fridges have been the butt of many smart home jokes, that doesn't mean you should dismiss the idea of the smart kitchen. Really good smart kitchen devices aren't just smart because they're connected to the internet; they're smart because they're innovative and helpful.

Whether it's using AI to help you become a better cook, providing entertainment while you're labouring away in the kitchen, or helping keep your the family organized and your household chores running more smoothly, smart kitchen devices can be really useful.

Whether it's using AI to help you become a better cook, providing entertainment while you're labouring away in the kitchen, or helping keep your the family organized and your household chores running more smoothly, smart kitchen devices can be really useful.

Here, we've rounded up some of the best smart kitchen devices available today, to help you find the right connected gadgets when you're looking to update your appliances.

Smart Fridges:
A smart refrigerator is a high-tech programmed refrigerator that is able to detect the type of items stored in it and keep track of important details such as expiry and usage. A connected refrigerator can tell you when its door has been left open or if you're running out of milk, but are these conveniences worth the premium?

Who Makes Smart Refrigerators?
At the moment, very few manufacturers make smart refrigerators. Only LG, Samsung, Hitachi and GE (under its Café brand) make smart refrigerators and each has only a couple of models with connected features.

Smart Refrigerator Models at a Glance

1. Samsung Family Hub
Samsung's range of Family Hub fridge/freezers is the original smart fridges. Boasting a 21.5-inch screen with the ability to mirror a Samsung smart TV, the Family Hub part of each fridge is essentially a giant tablet packed with apps.

Designed to be the "hub for your family" the tablet features a Whiteboard, StickiBoard, and Shopping List to help you and your family communicate – it's the 21st-century version of the note stuck on the fridge door.

Built-in recipe apps, streaming and music apps like Netflix, Spotify, and Pandora, plus a screen-share for Samsung Smart TVs – so you can watch the TV while you cook – make this an all-around entertainment device, without cluttering the counter.

Easily monitor what’s inside your fridge with View Inside feature where 3 built-in cameras let you peek inside from your fridge’s home screen or smartphone* remotely. The improved food list feature also provides you with the recommended expiration date** of the grocery item that you have tagged, so now you can reduce food wastage by tracking the groceries that are expiring.


2. LG smart refrigerator
LG has made fridges with doors that turn transparent to show you the inside. This year at CES 2018, those two ideas are finally merging into one with LG’s new InstaView ThinQ smart refrigerator, which features a 29-inch touchscreen that becomes transparent if users knock on it twice.

This version uses the touchscreen to manage your food using LG’s webOS software and Amazon’s Alexa, which will let you tag food with virtual stickers and expiration dates and get automatic reminders when things are running low or about to go bad. There’s also a wide-angle panoramic camera on the inside of the fridge that will let you remotely view your fridge while you’re out and about to check and see if you’re actually out of milk or not.

With a compatible smartphone and LG SmartThinQ™ app you can remotely adjust temperature settings so your fridge is ready to accommodate a large
grocery spree.

Some of the Key Features are:

  • InstaView Door-in-Door®
  • Inverter Linear Compressor
  • Linear Cooling
  • Door Cooling+
  • Hygiene FRESH+®
  • Smart ThinQ™(Wi-Fi)

Buy LG Smart Refrigerator: LG GS-X6011NS 601L Side-by-Side Refrigerator with InstaView Door-in-Door with UPTO 35% OFF

Smart Oven
Connecting your oven to the internet lets you start pre-heating while you're on your way home, or check and make sure it's switched off when you've left the house. But we want a little more from our smart ovens (especially as they are pretty pricey), so we were quite impressed when KitchenAid, the makers of everyone's favourite stand mixer, applied its attachment mentality to its new smart oven.

With a series of powered attachments, this wall oven can become an indoor grill, baking stone and steamer, as well as do all the normal oven things. Just like the stand mixer, the attachments plug into a powered hub, plus you can control the whole cooking process on your smartphone.

It's also Google Assistant and Alexa-compatible, so you can direct it all with just your voice.

What we like here is that this smart oven isn't just about being connected, it's also about finding other ways to use technology to improve and enhance your cooking process.

1. Samsung Smart Oven
Smart oven combines the cooking performance of an oven with speed and convenience of a microwave oven. It is a perfect combination of convection, grill and microwave. Simple snacks to complex cuisine are deliciously prepared with full flavour and textures, at a speed you'd expect from a microwave. Some dishes are baking bread, preparing nans, pizza base, tikka, kababs, Lasagna, spinach and cheese cannelloni, risotto etc.can easily be prepared in a smart oven.

Slim Fry Technology – For lazy people like me who want to indulge in some crispy chicken wings and fries, this oven can prepare them without the use of additional oil.

Smart Multi Sensor Technology – The smart oven can judge if the cooking stages are completed based on surface temperature. No more over or undercooked food!

Buy Samsung 32L Smart Oven MC32F606TCT with UPTO 20% OFF

2. LG Smart Inverter microwave

Smart Inverter. LG's Smart Inverter technology provides precise cooking power. to reheat and defrost a wide range of foods faster than ever.
Thanks to precise temperature control, you can cook a variety of dishes that microwaves were previously never able to prepare.

The NeoChef™ Smart Inverter Microwave can adapt to incoming power levels and urges you to always count on your microwave to perform, even in unsupportive voltage and low power supply.

Smart Inverter: Precise and consistent cooking power helps in reheating and defrosting a wide range of foods faster than ever.

EasyClean Interior: The Anti-Bacterial EasyClean interior coating makes the ordeal of cleaning much more easy and convenient, as the coating eliminates most of the harmful bacteria from the surface.

Stable Turntable: The ability to adapt to incoming power levels helps you to always count on your microwave to perform, even in the inconsistent power supply.

Buy NeoChef™ Smart Inverter Microwave with upto 25% OFF

Smart Washing Machine

Smart washing machines are appliances that can connect to your household wi-fi network in the same way that other devices, such as tablets and smartphones, do. You can then set your washing machine remotely using an app on your phone or tablet, or via Alexa or Google Assistant.

1. Samsung QuickDrive Washing and Dryer Machines

A busy household needs a helping hand. Cut your usual washing time by up to half* with great results using the innovative QuickDrive™
technology. And it doesn't just clean clothes. QuickDrive™ takes care of your delicates, washes rogue socks mid-cycle while doing its bits for the environment.

The Q-rator app recommends the perfect cycle, lets you schedule a wash and tells you when it’s done.* *Requires 'SmartThings', available on Android and iOS. Registration required.

Thanks to our VRT technology, you can do your washing more quietly. So no more disturbing your TV viewing or waking the baby – when washing at

This smart front-load machine features a unique Q-Drum™ technology comprising drum and a backplate that rotates independently. What you get is a solid cleaning performance in half the time it takes a conventional machine, plus 20 per cent savings in energy1. It's artificial intelligence-powered laundry assistant, Q-rator2, offers three smart features to help you manage your laundry more conveniently – from recommending the optional wash cycle for the load and curating your laundry schedule3 to proactively monitoring your washing machine’s condition and providing quick and easy remote troubleshooting support.

Buy Samsung QuickDrive Smart Washing machine and dryer with UPTO 30% OFF

2. LG Smart inverter Washers

In LG washing machine with Inverter Direct Drive Technology, the motor is directly attached to the drum without using a belt or pulley.

Near field communication (NFC) is a set of standards for smartphones and similar devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them into proximity, usually no more than a few inches.

Using NFC tagging technology, the user can download new washing programs such as Wool, Baby Care and Cold Wash. Then, they can then apply these
programs simply by touching their smartphone to the NFC Tag On symbol on the washing machine.

In LG washing machine with Inverter Direct Drive Technology, the motor is directly attached to the drum without using a belt or pulley. Lesser
mechanical parts ensure least energy dissipation which enhances the washing performance, ensures minimal noise and vibration, more durability
and energy saving.

Buy LG Smart inverter Washers with UPTO 30% OFF

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Too tired to vacuum? Let Samsung’s POWERbot do the job then. It delivers excellent cleaning results with 40 times more suction power4, even as its digital camera and smart sensors create an optimal cleaning path by scanning your home’s layout and its surroundings. Then there’s Edge
Clean Master - an innovative shutter that extends out to capture debris trapped in corners and edges of the wall. The machine is Wi-Fi
enabled5, so you can remotely control your robot vacuum with your smartphone.

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Samsung’s system with ticks and Built-In Smart Wi-Fi® - the first in Singapore, comes with the Samsung Digital Inverter technology that helps to maintain the ideal temperature without consistently turning the compressor on and off even when the air conditioner is running.It's Built-In
Smart Wi-Fi® capability allows you to remotely operate and monitor the system anytime, anywhere, using your smartphone6. You can control the air conditioner’s operations, monitor energy usage by checking on the number of hours the air conditioner has been in operation, set a reminder to clean its air filter based on usage and conduct a self-check for possible issues with your unit when it is not operating properly.

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Note: For more detailed features of any products you can request us with product model number.

Best 5 Refrigerator Brands You Should Consider Buying in Singapore for 2020

Best 5 Refrigerator Brands You Should Consider Buying in Singapore for 2020

A fridge is an essential household appliance. It is something we use every day. If you cook on a regular basis, you’ll definitely need a good and sizeable fridge to keep your groceries fresh. Even if you don’t cook, you can’t do without it. Otherwise, where would you keep your chocolate bars, ice-cool can drinks and tubs of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream?

With the plethora of options to choose from when it comes to types, designs & brands, buying a refrigerator for your home can often become an overwhelming experience.

To help you out, we have narrowed down on some of the top 5 brands for your reference. Check out our pick within each brand as well.

Different Types of Refrigerators:

Single Door Refrigerator: These were the earliest and still have a huge fan following considering their affordability factor. They remain to be the most basic kind with a single door. The freezer is within the refrigerator and there is no special section for it. They do not have the feature of automatic defrosting and that remains their only drawback.

Double Door Refrigerator: With a separate section for the freezer, they are bigger in size than the single door refrigerators. The interiors are designed to hold bottles of different sizes and shapes.

Triple Door Refrigerator: Here you will have one compartment for the refrigerator, one for the vegetables and one for the freezer. The main advantage of having a triple door is that there is zero odour mixing.

Side by Side Refrigerator: With a chic look they resemble a cupboard and some of them have an automatic water dispensing system in the front.

Bottom Mounted Refrigerator: Smartly designed, here the freezer section is at the bottom as it is not used as much as the refrigerator section so one doesn’t need to bend to remove veggies.

Which brand refrigerator is best in Singapore? Here are the top 10 refrigerator best brands available in Singapore that you can consider opting for The Year 2019 and 2020:

1. Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel are very well known for their high quality and premium home appliances. The Fisher & Paykel Fridge is no exception to the rule. It is a beautifully crafted piece of engineering that is technologically advanced at the same time.

The ActiveSmart technology is the core of a Fisher & Paykel fridge. By drawing on multiple sources of information, it analyzes the optimal temperature and condition for your usage patterns. This helps to keep your food and ingredients fresh and longer-lasting. Imagine seeing a week-old bag of vegetables looking as fresh as they were harvested today. That’s possible with ActiveSmart.
  • ActiveSmart processor for the freshest food
  • High-quality build
  • Sleek, modern and luxurious design
Buy Fisher & Paykel Refrigerator Online at Best Price

2. Hitachi

Hitachi makes use of scientific advances to design and manufacture refrigerators which prevent the loss and damage of amino acids and essential vitamins in food items. This ensures the optimum condition of food items at all times ensuring they retain their original texture and taste.

Hitachi refrigerators have highly efficient insulation systems and compressors which enable them to reduce the consumption of electricity greatly while maintaining the effective running of the product. These technological advantages contribute to environmental sustainability as well as cost efficiency and these types of intelligent features ensure that Hitachi refrigerators are always ahead of the competition.
  • Strong cooling function
  • Touch screen enabled
  • Customizable interior pockets
Best Models:
  • Six Door Refrigerator
  • Big French Series
  • Three Door Refrigerators (French Bottom Freezer)
Buy Hitachi Refrigerator Online at Best Price

3. LG

With temperature-detection and energy-saving features packed into a fridge that boasts elegant design, graces your kitchen.

Never be afraid that your food goes bad in the refrigerator. LG’s Hygiene Fresh technology utilizes a 5-step filter to wipe out bacteria, dust, fungi spores, acidic and alkaline odours. Furthermore, the moisture in the fridge is controlled precisely to ensure the right conditions for crisp and fresh produce.
  • Hygiene Fresh technology
  • Fast freeze function
  • Great at maintaining the right moisture balance
Buy LG Fridge and Refrigerator Online at Best Price

4. Bosch:

Bosch fridge-freezers not only make everyday life tastier, but they also make it easier: Clear shelving, spacious boxes and ingenious dividers mean that you always know just what food you have in store. In addition, the trays and shelves glide gently towards you on telescopic rails, which makes inserting and removing food child's play. And thanks to the perfect lighting, you always have a clear view of all your food.

Bosch side-by-side fridge-freezers are everything you could ever want, combining plenty of space for fresh foods with high-quality design. Side by side, the fridge and freezer offer plenty of functions that not only guarantee that food stays wonderfully fresh.

Bosch refrigerators use the VitaFresh technology that keeps fruits and vegetables fresh up to two times longer. The Bosch Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator has a massive 661 L capacity, and spacious interiors, with a BigBox specially designed to hold large-size food items like pizzas. The anti-fingerprint coating on the fridge’s doors prevents them from unsightly marks.

Buy Bosch Fridge and Refrigerator Online at Best Price

5. Samsung

Samsung revolutionary range of refrigerators can now run on the home inverter* during power cuts. Just perfect for those areas where power supply is erratic, they keep your food fresh as ever even when there is no electricity.

Samsung also provides a range of Solar Connect Refrigerators runs on Solar energy~, letting you save money while protecting the environment.

Explore refrigerators at Samsung. Find french door and side by side fridges featuring digital touch screen display and water dispensers.

  • Consumes very less energy, runs a home inverter
  • The food remains fresh during power cuts
  • Keeps on running 24x7 even during power cuts

Buy Samsung Fridge and Refrigerator Online at Best Price

Refrigerator Technologies

Each brand is known for patented technologies that help to keep your food fresh in the refrigerator. For instance, Panasonic has the ECONAVI, and LG has the HygieneFresh+.

If you’re tech-savvy, you may want a smart refrigerator like the LG Noble Steel, where you can connect it to your smartphone. Some refrigerators can even track expiry dates and tell you when it is running low on food.

Which brand of the refrigerator will you buy? Email us for Best Offer Price.

Buy Best Microwave Ovens with the Microwave Oven Buying Guide Online

Buy Best Microwave Ovens with the Microwave Oven Buying Guide Online

Microwave ovens are all about convenience. Whether you want to reheat leftovers, make tea or coffee, cook a fresh meal or just make popcorn for a movie marathon, no other appliance makes it as easy as a microwave.

Buy Now: Buy best microwave oven in Singapore

To find the most suitable microwave, consider the types available and the capacity, before deciding on additional features.

What Are The Types Of Microwave Ovens?

A solo microwave oven is a basic or entry-level model. It has one magnetron to produce microwaves. Solo microwave ovens are cheaper when compared to other microwave models, like grill or convection.

Grill microwave ovens are provided with additional grilling accessories. The microwave and grill functions can run simultaneously to make delicious grills in minutes. The grill microwave has heating coils which help in grilling, toasting or roasting.

A convection microwave has a fan which circulates heatwaves efficiently so that food can be cooked or baked faster and uniformly.

How Powerful Should A Microwave Be?

The power of a microwave is measured in Wattage, usually between 800W and 1500W. However, don't purchase a microwave on this alone.

  • If you're cooking foods like roasts for a large family, consider a more powerful microwave.
  • If you're only cooking for one or two people, then a less powerful microwave should suffice.
  • The larger a microwave is the more watts it will need to heat food.
  • The higher the wattage the faster a microwave can cook food.


Auto Cook Menu
The Auto Cook Menu feature has preset programs to simplify the preparation of a variety of recipes. Once the type of dish (code) is selected, along with its weight, the oven will automatically set the power and cooking time.

Child Lock
If you have curious children at home, it may be a good idea to ensure your microwave oven has a child-lock.

This grilling accessory comes with a few microwave ovens. It is useful for grilling and barbecuing vegetables, paneer, meat and poultry.

Use the defrost function to unfreeze food quickly. Using auto defrost is easy: input the frozen food's weight and the oven will set the best program. You can also program this mode manually by setting the power level and time, based on the food’s weight.

Preheating is getting your oven to a set temperature before cooking. It’s usually used before preparing cakes, cookies, and certain recipes that use the grill function.

Set the timer to automatically end a heating or cooking program after a specified duration. A bell rings to indicate the program’s end.

Panel Types
Mechanical, Feather Touch or Tactile Buttons?
A good control panel can make it easy to use your microwave oven. From setting the timer to selecting a preset, access all the functions at the push of a button.

How Important Are Sensors?
Microwaves with sensors automatically adjust the heat as necessary to cook evenly, and turn themselves off when the food is ready. This avoids interrupting the cooking or reheating process to check on the food's progress.

Does Size Matter?
Microwaves come in a variety of sizes, from a compact 20 litres to a large 44 litres. Consider:

  • How much available space is there in your kitchen for a microwave?
  • How much food will you need to cook at once?
  • What Do I Need To Know About Installation?

Consider your kitchen's storage space and how you will access the microwave. Microwaves can be placed on the benchtop, mounted on a wall, or built into a cabinet where they can be combined with an exhaust fan.

Microwave ovens require ventilation and the amount varies between models; a minimum of 5cm is recommended.

How Do I Maintain My Microwave?
For easy cleaning and maintenance look for:

  • A non-stick interior
  • Grease filters
  • A removable turntable.
  • Top models also feature self-cleaning liners, so there's never any build-up of food or grease.

Should I Only Use Microwave-Safe Containers?
Yes, use only microwave-safe containers or tableware. The microwaves generated are not absorbed by most plastics, glass or ceramics but they are reflected by metal, so never put pans or utensils in a microwave. If in doubt, consult the manufacturer's directions.

Checkout: Best microwave oven brands in Singapore