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Lowest Price Guaranteed

Best Price for Home Appliances

Lion City Company ensures that our prices are lower than or at least the same as competitors, subject to prevailing terms and conditions.

At times, you may find that a product is being offered at a very special price at our stores but not the others, or that the price for a product you purchased has dropped at our stores thereafter. This is due to ongoing store-specific promotions or clearance sales. In such instances, we regret that we are unable to offer a price match.

Lion City Company promises to match the lowest available, legitimate price any customer can find for a particular product in rival retail stores.

  • The product which the customer is requesting a price match is exactly identical to that found on a rival retailers' storefront
  • Product model numbers (if any) are exactly identical
  • Both our product and the rival retailer's product have exactly the same specifications
  • Sufficient evidence is provided by the customer to suggest that the same product can indeed be purchased from the rival retailer at the point of time of request
  • The price is set by a rival storefront that is located on mainland Singapore
  • The rival price includes all the necessary taxes (including GST, if applicable) as dictated by Singapore Law

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The latest Lion City Company Price Promise takes effect from 1 October 2019

Lion City Company reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions without prior notice.