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Essential Guide to Buying The Best Refrigerator in Singapore

Essential Guide to Buying The Best Refrigerator in Singapore

Buying a refrigerator could get confusing, especially with the many new features introduced with newer models by best refrigerator brands. There are essentially five things you'll have to consider before making a decision - the overall capacity, type, defrosting type, power consumption and additional features. Let's take a closer look at these features, starting with the overall capacity.

You might think it's as simple as choosing a fridge that looks good and holds all your food, but it's much more complicated to choose and buy best refrigerator.

Scroll through the tips below and get informed before checkout the best deals.

1. Become familiar with the four main types of fridges:

Given how large the appliance is, you want a fridge that looks good in your kitchen. So before taking a trip to the store, know what your options are. Fridges come in four basic styles:

1. French door: two doors open outwards, and the freezer is placed at the bottom.

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2. Side-by-side: two doors open outwards, and the freezer and fridge are placed alongside each other.

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3. Top freezer: The freezer is on top, with the fridge is below.

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4. Bottom freezer: The fridge sits above the freezer, which is at the bottom

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While there are certainly variations and add-ons, these are the four foundational types to choose from. 

2. Consider your space

Figure out the dimensions of the area that will accommodate the refrigerator. Then, when you're shopping, find out the height, width, and depth of any units you're considering buying and check to make sure they'll fit in the space. Don't forget to allow a few inches above and behind the unit for air to circulate. Also be sure there's enough room for the doors to swing open.

3. Choose Interior of your Refrigerator

Pick a unit with adjustable shelves and door bins if storage flexibility is important to you. Some units have shelves that split, pull out, or have a crank to move them up and down. Deep door bins allow you to store bulkier items such as milk jugs.

Choose a unit with specialty drawers if you want to keep your refrigerator organized. Some units have drawers for wine or canned beverages. Others have full-extension drawers that allow you to more easily access items in the back. Many refrigerators have drawers with separate temperature or humidity controls to store items such as meat, fruits, and vegetables in their optimum storage conditions.

4. Pick your brand

Feature-rich refrigerators have a tendency to be more popular and each manufacturer makes one or more brands that are considered high-end or premium. These include GE, Whirlpool, Maytag, Frigidaire, Thermador and KitchenAid, as well as relative new-comers to the appliance scene, Electrolux, Samsung, and LG etc.

5. Power Consumption

The star ratings are typically found on the top-right corner. Higher the number of stars, lower the power consumption. Inverter technology cuts your power bills down while extending the life of the compressor inside the fridge at the same time.

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