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7 Ways to keep air indoors clean and safe

7 Ways to keep air indoors clean and safe

With all the cars and chemicals in the city, all that pollution is bound to get in the house. This can cause health issues if not being acted upon. Not to mention the on-going issue about haze. It is especially difficult for people with allergies and asthma. Here are some ways to keep air indoors clean and safe.

1. Ban Indoor Smoking

Smoking is a hard habit to break, but at least, have them exclusively outdoors. Smoking does not only harm the smoker but the people around who can inhale the second-hand smoke and can lead to respiratory problems. 

2. Groom your pets regularly

Pets are just so adorable, it is almost impossible not to have them at home. Make sure that rugs and couches are regularly

3. Let the fresh air in and the bad air out


Install Exhaust Fan in different parts of the house like the kitchen and bathroom. Putting this in the kitchen will remove the harmful gases. This can also help avoid mold and mildew in the bathroom. If your home is well sealed open the windows a little when running the exhaust fan to avoid creating negative pressure. 

4. Essential Appliances



There are special types of vacuum for the more heavy duty kind of cleaning that pet owners have to do. Check out this post for tips on what kind of vacuum is perfect for you.

Air Purifier 

Dust and allergens will always find a way. An Air purifier will be best in areas where you spend the most time in like the bedroom. But if the budget allows and there is just too much allergen present in your home, get a second unit and add a HEPA filter for the best air cleaning.


While a humidifier controls the moisture the dehumidifier makes sure that there is no moisture when it is not needed. This controls the harmful effects of mold and mildew in the room. 

5. Clean Coolers and Heaters

Clean the coolers and heater filters you have at home. The dust that cover the filters in your heaters and coolers make it less effective for the appliance to sieve out the harmful particles. Cleaning the filters regularly helps save energy since the appliance will not have to exert as much effort in doing the job. 

6. Do the Laundry

Laundering drapes and large fabrics that cover furniture and bedding keeps the dust mites away. Wash your linen with hot water every once a week to keep the dust mites away.

7. Go for the more natural option

Cleaning agents can have a lot of harmful chemicals in them, which defeats the purpose of cleaning the house. This also goes for air freshen aires. Clean with products with the least toxins in them.

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